Master your American English accent

Are you a multi-lingual professional wanting to communicate with impact?

At Upward Communication, we offer Accent Management services to help American English language learners become clear, confident, and compelling speakers. Accents contribute to our global diversity; however, Accent Management may be essential for those who have worked hard to learn American English but feel they have lost valuable opportunities professionally, socially, and emotionally.


Developing your accent doesn’t mean losing your cultural identity.  Instead, Accent Management is about 1) increasing awareness of your speech patterns and 2) using new habits to enhance your communication effectiveness and professional image.


Working with a native speaker through a 1:1, personally tailored approach, Upward Communication gives you the tools to:


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Accent Management

Improve your American English through pronunciation training and perfecting the style of American English

Business Communication

Enhance how you communicate at work to help you reach your professional goals

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