What is Accent Management?

We all speak with an accent, even in our native languages. Accents are a part of our cultural identity, national identity, and a celebrated sense of pride.

However, there are times when accents may unfortunately pose a barrier to communicating. These barriers may hinder a person’s ability to grow their career, feel confident, or lead an overall fulfilling quality of life.

Accent Management may be an excellent resource for multi-lingual speakers hoping to improve proficiency in a new language. It helps individuals to achieve their personal and professional communication goals through targeted sessions, where they might work on pronunciation training, developing a more natural rhythm, or vocal inflection.

For example, a college professor’s Accent Management program would include academic vocabulary, expressions used in a classroom setting, and teaching situations that allow them to connect with students. Someone working as a software developer might focus on pronouncing technical terms and expressions needed for daily meetings that allow for more effective collaboration with team members. A medical professional might focus on the words and phrases to better explain a complex diagnosis and plan of care to a patient and caregiver.

What is the value of Accent Management?

Consider how the cost of miscommunication in American English has impacted your career and personal life. Do you feel like you’re frequently asked to repeat yourself? Have you ever felt passed over for a promotion you knew you deserved? If so, Accent Management may be a useful tool in improving your quality of life. Some of the benefits of investing in Accent Management services include:

1. Feeling more confident when speaking

2. Improving your personal, social, and professional relationships

3. Negotiating more effectively

4. Maximizing your earning potential

5. Feeling acknowledged and understood

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