Ace Your Next Phone Interview with these 12 Communication Tips

As 2021 continues, we may expect to see continued innovations that change the interviewing landscape. However, the remote interviewing model is likely here to stay and it is significantly different from interviewing in-person (or on-site). Many companies begin their interviewing process with a phone interview, or phone screen, without video. This often used to narrow the candidates brought forward for […]

Changing your accent as an adult: It’s never too late!

Adults are capable language learners at any age. However, adults often question their ability to modify their accent. Here are some adult learning considerations for improving your accent: Avoid handicapping your own learning potential! Too often we perceive increased difficulty in language learning as we age. This may be more related to environmental factors that compete for study time rather […]

5 Ways Speech Language Pathologists are Positioned to Help You Speak with the Accent You Want

With numerous professionals providing accent modification services, which do you choose? Here are 5 reasons why a Speech Language Pathologist may be the best professional to help you speak with accent you want: 1. SLPs study the science of Communication  Speech language pathologists (SLP) typically complete undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Within that […]

What is Accent Management?

We all speak with an accent, even in our native languages. Accents are a part of our cultural identity, national identity, and a celebrated sense of pride. However, there are times when accents may unfortunately pose a barrier to communicating. These barriers may hinder a person’s ability to grow their career, feel confident, or lead an overall fulfilling quality of […]